Swedeloader with Euro frame + 6-way valve


Swedeloader with Euro tool frame and 6-way valve for 1 dual-way outlet at tool-frame.
Complete product:
– 1pc Swedeloader
– 1pc Euro-tool frame
– 1pc 6-way hydraulic valve
– 1pc 2-way hydraulic outlet at toolframe for equipment
– Price ex works, ex VAT


This Swedeloader Mach II Agility with 6-way valve-pack comes complete with everything you need to start lifting with any cat. 2 tractor.
Product is fitted with:
– Trima/SMS tool frame
– 6-way valve-pack
– Additional 2-way hydraulic outlet at toolframe for your equipment.

The additional 6-way valve pack is operated through an ON/OFF relay that fits your cabins 12V outlet. Switch between control of the tilt/tipp or to operate your attached equipment.
Pro tip: Some handy farmers customize their tractors with fast-access 12V outlet at the frontlinkage/3-P and then operate the hydralic valve-pack through one of the tractors buttons inside the cabin.


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